DÉMIRA is a groundbreaking and authentic artist. She defines her music as 'Modern Folk': a mixture of folk(tronica), alternative and poetic pop. She draws attention with an outstanding, powerful voice and fiery performance together with her band. Their avant­garde but catchy sound is compared to the likes of Björk, Lykke Li and Kate Bush.

Reviewers have called her ‘the illegitimate daughter of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez,’ since her own penned lyrics are perceptive and unusual. As a child, she initially wanted to become an author, since she has always had a fondness for writing critical, symbolical and thoughtful tales about her personal experiences and society. Her parents gave her a Spanish guitar for her seventh birthday, which she had been eagerly looking forward to, followed by a Fender Telecaster at the age of nine. She joined her two passions and started creating her own songs. At the age of fourteen, music organisation ‘Popunie’ wrote: ‘the unconventional DÉMIRA plays clever, catchy songs whilst looking at the audience with a bold but friendly attitude: A confidence that is definitely justified."

DÉMIRA creates a positive, energetic connection with the onlookers, involving them in a remarkable and multidimensional show. “Playing live is what I love most, for I am able to share my passion not solely with my band members, but also with the audience. I create out of escapism, in a positive way. There’s nothing more beautiful than letting people forget their worries by drawing them into a playful, mystical journey.” After finishing high school, she recorded her third and most autobiographical EP named 'White Ravens' , which will be released in April 2016. DÉMIRA's most recent singles named ‘Dragons’ and ’Trophy’ have been translated into enigmatic videos on VEVO and they are just a taste of what's in store. Music blogs have dubbed her as 'one to watch', as she shows great promise for the future and shouldn't be underestimated. DÉMIRA’s response? “Bring it on!”

DÉMIRA (led by Démira Jansen, 1997) released her first solo EP named ‘Pay Attention’ after winning the High School Music Competition in 2012. She took part in the television programme ‘The Best Singer­Songwriter of the Netherlands’ at the age of sixteen and recorded a second EP named ‘Indigo’ together with her band, after which they played three sold out tours in the Netherlands and became 'Radio 2 Talent’. She won two poetry prizes, performed at several festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, Malta and Norway and was the supporting act of Maria Mena, John Newman, Boy & Bear and Ben Howard.